We are a legally registered limited liability service, established to provide environmental and agricultural consultancy services.

What We Do

We specialize in:

  • Project planning & management
  • Water & Waste water resources
  • Environmental engineering and management
  • Agricultural planning and management
  • Land development and planning
  • Irrigation and drainage, soil and water management
  • Civil engineering

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide customized services which integrate science, art and technology to combat the ever growing complex environmental problems, in a manner that is responsive to the needs of our clients.

Mission Statement

Handling the complexities of the environment so one can discover the simplicity in everyday life.

Capability Statement

The diversity of our clients’ needs validates the versatile approach adopted at ECI. Our responses to our clients’ needs benefit from continuous research and seeks to ensure total satisfaction.

We have a wide base of expertise and collaborate with local, regional and international experts, who are all industry fore-runners, to ensure the product and services offered meet our clients' expectations.

Our Team

The increased demand for comprehensive, environmentally sustainable, developmental solutions is well understood and reflected in the employment policy of ECI.

Our association with local, regional & international professionals with proven track records ensures that we are able to provide a diverse range of services and solutions.

Our technical team includes Engineers, Environmental Planners, Hydrologists, GIS Experts, Architects, Management Development, Consultants, Geologists, Natural Resource Managers and Climate Change Specialists.

Specialists within EnviroPlus are also skilled in contract procedures, tender document preparation and tendering for infrastructural projects.